Outdoor Extra Thick

The best solution for external flooring.

Outdoor Extra Thick

The technical characteristics of this type of product as well as the ease of installation, with or without glues (dry installation on grass, gravel or raised floors), make 20MM ceramic tiles the best solution for flooring outdoor spaces, whether public or private, such as gardens, garages, pedestrian paths, terraces, swimming pools, urban areas, etc. etc.

It is also a good solution for combining indoor and outdoor spaces.

Intended uses

  • Gardens and public areas

  • Parking lots

  • Terraces

  • Sidewalks and pedestrian areas

  • Seaside resorts

  • Pool surrounding areas

  • Urban areas

  • Industrial areas


In the collections of Love Tiles and Margres you will find this type of material that is ideal for application in exteriors, gardens, parks, terraces and in public spaces with high traffic