An exclusive line of extremely high performance antimicrobial floor and wall tiles.


Our antibacterial floor and wall coverings incorporate Microban® technology, the world’s leading antimicrobial technology, to guarantee, besides beauty and durability of our ceramic products, biological safety for our living, leisure and working environments.

  • Powerful action

    Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and prevents their reproduction

  • Continuous protection

    Always active, 24 hours a day, with or without sunlight

  • Eternal effectiveness

    Thanks to technology integrated into the product

  • Quaranteed quality

    By the partnership with Microban®

The safest place in the world

Continuous active antibacterial action

  • We have chosen Microban®, the global leader in antibacterial technology, to make our tiles even safer.
  • There are more bacteria on one hand than people on the Earth.
  • Bacterial growth can double in number every 20 minutes on unprotected surfaces.

Floors in areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic, such as schools, offices, hospitals and public buildings are ideal places for microbial and bacterial growth, but our homes, despite daily cleaning, can also be contaminated by germs and bacteria from outside.

Margres always offers the highest quality products, together with unparalleled beauty and cutting-edge solutions.

Today, thanks to ongoing work at the Panariagroup Research Centre and a prestigious agreement with the global leader in antibacterial technology Microban®, we are proud to announce that Margres porcelain stoneware, produced with Microban® technology, are designed with something more than beauty and durability in mind: biological health and safety for our living, leisure and working environments.

Thanks to built-in technology based on silver, our tiles are protected by an innovative antibacterial shield that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria on surfaces and guarantees long-lasting protection against wear and tear, climatic conditions and repeated cleans in any usage environment.

Microban silver technology is notified with the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) under the appropriate p roduct t ypes as required by the EU Biocidal Products Directive, 98/8/EC.

In addition, Microban® technology is active 24 hours a day, guaranteeing continuous protection day and night, keeping tiles more hygienic in between cleans.