A sustainable choice.


A sustainable choice

We are transforming our products and aligning our industry with carbon neutrality, biodiversity and sustainability, redesigning and rethinking products and services to be more sustainable.

  • Eco-pack


    Recycled (cardboard boxes).

  • Eco-aqua


    Water recycling.

  • Eco-energy

    4,305 mWH

    Clean and renewable energy.

  • Eco-materials


    Recyclable plastic. (data relating only to Gresart)


Margres creates ceramic collections to live the present and the future, surrounded by beauty, protected by the quality of an exclusive design of living in total freedom. The same beauty and marvellous harmony that we dream for the world around us. For this, Margres creates and protects, by reducing to its minimum the environmental impact coming from its activity, through the constant research of the total eco-sustainability in the working environment, on the materials used and in the productive processes, as the obtained environmental certificates demonstrate. We want to contribute for a better world and only what is really eco-sustainable can be considered as development with future vision... {/{p>

This is our daily commitment and our social responsibility.

  • Customer services and relationships with other stakeholders

    Satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, seeking the internationalization of their brands and products in the various markets;

  • Continuous improvement

    Innovation and product development anticipating the expectations of its customers and ensuring the sustainability of the products throughout their life cycle;

  • Efficiency

    Implementation of a culture of operational excellence that maximizes the efficiency of processes;

  • Social goals

    Involvement and motivation of its employees, since they are an important asset for the success of the company;

  • Environmental protection

    Environmental protection, including pollution prevention, contributing to the minimization of environmental impacts, and opting, whenever possible and economically viable, for the best available technologies, in order to improve environmental performance;

  • Health, safety and well-being

    Prevention and minimization of risk to the health and safety of employees in order to contribute to their integrity and quality of life;

  • Relationships with society

    Compliance with the applicable conformity requirements inherent in its activities, products and services.